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Cloverleaf Soccer Association

Individual Training

Just because we can't get together and practice doesn't mean we can't become better soccer players.  There are tons of individual drills you can do to improve your game.  Go on You Tube and search individual soccer drills, yfutbol, beastmode soccer or coerver and you'll see tons of drills you can work on.  Or, click on the links below and check back often for other content.  If you like the drills, click on the youtube site link and find more videos to watch and try.

Also, don't forget to check out the Juggling Page.  Juggling may be the best exercise to improve your first touch and become more comfortable with the soccer ball at your feet.  Every player should have an initial goal of being able to juggle their age with their feet.

Weekly Individual Workout

Cloverleaf 4'x6' Foots Skill Drills - Set of four to five exercises that when repeated four times gives you 1000 touches on the soccer ball.  All you need is a 4'x6' area, either outside or in the garage or basement.  Click on the exercises below for a demo.  Throw in a 30 second plank or Wall Sit between each set you you'll have a great all around soccer workout.

Week 4 - Figure 8 Challenge - Click for details

Week 4 Bonus - Two Cone Drills - click for details

Week 3 - Whole foot Progression - Repeat four times for 1000 touches.
20 Tick Tock/Shuffles
20 Sole Rolls
20 Outside-Outside Touches
20 Toe-Touch Shuffles
10 Brazilian Toe Touches/Soccer Dance

Week 1 - Repeat drills four times for over 1000 touches.
Toe Touches- 20 Each Foot
Pull Back  to Laces - 20 Each Foot
Shuffles (tick-tocks), penguins - 20 Each Foot
Roll Overs- 20 each foot
Shuffle Roll Over - 20 times

Week 2 - Sole Man Progression- Focuses on using the bottom of your foot
Toe Touches/Sole Taps - 20 Each Foot
Inside/Outside Rolls - 20 Each Foot
Roll Over Stops - 20 Each Foot
V-Pulls to In Step or Outside of foot - 20 Each Foot
Outside Roll/Inside Cut - 20 Each Foot

Better yet, if you have a favorite drill, video yourself doing it and if your parents allow, send the video to [email protected] and we'll use it to demo future workouts.

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