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Cloverleaf Soccer Association

Meeting Minutes and Agenda

CSA Board meetings are the third Monday of each month from January through November. 

List of Officers

CSA is currently governed by the board of officers listed below,

Treasurer - Jason Myers
Secretary - Jeannine Letner
Trustee - Mark Van Meter (Board President)
Trustee - Steve Barczyk (Board Vice President)
Trustee - Jim Cavey
Trustee - Jacob Miracle
Trustee - Kendalle Pavlik
Trustee - Chelsea Wentz
Registrar - Denise Barczyk
Boys Travel Rep - Nate Billy
Girls Travel Rep - Steve Barczyk

Help Wanted

Trustee - One of a group of seven officers that make up the executive board.  There are five trustees.  From the group of Trustees, we'll select a Board President and Vice President to over see the administration portion of the league (make sure we have meetings, pay bills, deal with discipline problem).  Other Trustees will focus on the Rec Program, the Travel Program, fundraising, or making sure our fields are kept up.  CSA has 8 regularly scheduled meetings throughout the calendar year that Trustees are required to attend, and may be called upon for impromptu meetings to handle special circumstances.  You don't have to be a Coach to be a trustee, just a willingness to help out.

Boys Travel Rep - Serve as CSA's representative to the Ohio Travel Soccer League for the Boys Travel Program.  Duties include, scheduling games, scheduling fields, gathering needed Birth Certificates and OHTSL forms for the Registrar to load into the US Club System.  Attend bracketing and scheduling meetings each soccer season.  Ensure coaches enter scores into the OHTSL web-site for each game.  Ensure that Coaches mail in game cards to OHTSL.  Make sure the Coaches get their background checks done in a timely manner.  

Field Status

Open Open

CSA Fields (10:36 PM | 08/13/19)

Open Open

Practice Areas (10:36 PM | 08/13/19)