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Juggling is one of the best ways to develop your touch on the ball.  To promote this, CSA is starting the Juggling Dashboard. Video's on how to juggle can be found in the links window.

Every player should have the goal to be able to Juggle their age.  So if you are 6, six juggles is your goal.  If you are 12, then 12 is the goal.  Once you accomplish this, the next goal is double your age, then triple your age, etc.  Once you've practiced, show your Mom, Dad or Coach.  If you juggle your age, have them instant message the Cloverleaf Facebook page with your first name and last initial, and you current or last coach and we'll put your name on the dashboard below.

Juggling Dashboard

Juggled their age- Juggled Double their age

Stella E. - Coach Rose U13 Pati B. - Coach Rose U13
Kiersyn B. - Coach Rose U11 Gracie H - Coach Rose U13
Allie K. - Coach Rose U11 Hannah H. - Coach Rose U12
Jaycie K, - Coach Rose U12 Keegan W. - Coach Miracle U11
Emma B. - Coach Rose U11 Gabi H. - Coach Rose U11
Gabrielle R. - Coach Rose U11 Lainey M. - Coach Rose U12
Nora B. - Coach Rose U11 Kayla S. - Coach Rose U12
Ainsley G. - Coach Rose U11
Ry W. - Coach Rose U11

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