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Recreational Soccer Programs at CSA

Recreation Soccer is the base of the US Youth Soccer pyramid.  Cloverleaf offers two different programs for recreation soccer.

For those children new to soccer and between the ages of 4 and 6, we offer the Colt Academy.  There will be 10 to 12 academy sessions each season.  The first sessions will strictly be training sessions, one player and one ball playing games to learn beginning soccer skills, like dribbling, shielding and shooting.  As the season progresses, we’ll introduce the 3v3 or 4v4 games towards the end of the session.  Eventually we do a traditional Saturday morning game at the end so Grandparents and siblings can com watch.  Focus is on skills development.

Our Traditional rec soccer program is for players who turn 5 by the start of the season through 12 years of age.  This program is your traditional practice on weeknights and play a game on Saturday.  Players are placed on teams based on their age as of 8/1 of the soccer year. (For the Spring 2023 season, we us the age of the player on 8/1/22.  Play is broken up into 4 divisions.

U6 – For players who are younger than 6 years old as of 8/1/22.  Teams are coed and practices are generally 1 to 2 nights a week for about an hour.  Games are played on Saturday mornings but may be on a weeknight as well.  Games are played 4v4 with no goalie.  All U6 games and practices are held at the Cloverleaf Soccer Association fields.

U8 – For players 6 and 7 years of age as of 8/1/22. Teams are coed and we try for two practices a week early in the season and like U6, games are played on Saturday Mornings or during the week.  U8 soccer is played as a 6v6 game, with five field players and a goalie. Like U6 all games and practices are at the CSA Fields.

U10 – For players who are 8 and 9 years of age as of 8/1/22.  At U10 and above, we go to traditional gender specific teams (Boys and Girls) teams.  We aim for 2 practices a week and games are mostly on Saturday morning an early afternoon.  Practices and half the games are held at CSA Fields.  For U10, we play games against Medina, Buckeye and Highland, so half the games will be in one of those three communities.

U12 – Same as U10, but for players who are 10 and 11 years of age as of 8/1/22.

Since games are for fun and we don’t keep records of who wins, we can move players up if their skill and maturity warrant it.

The cost for U6-U12 will be the same as last season, $60.  The cost of academy is $ 45.00

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