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Cloverleaf Soccer Association

Covid 19 Soccer Requirements

Due to current conditions, the following protocols will be in effect.

The area between the side lines of soccer fields (the middle of our facility) is for players and coaches only.  Parents are not allowed in this area unless invited by a coach to assist with practice or if your child has been injured or is in need of you (in this case, the coach will invite you onto the field).

Player/Parent Responsibilities

1) Players, coaches, officials athletic trainers, and officials must conduct symptom assessments prior to attending practice. Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home.
2) If you, your child or a member of the family has been diagnosed with Covid, please do not have your child attend practice until all family members have been given a medical clearance.
3) Sharing of water bottles and soccer balls is not permitted.  Please make sure your child has their own water and soccer ball.  Please put your child's name on any water bottle (reusable or disposable) to help minimize kids drinking someone else's water.
4) Parents are not permitted in the player area unless invited by a coach.  Parents are encouraged to stay in their vehicle when weather permits.  When outside your vehicle, masks are encouraged at all times and are required when state law mandates or when you can effectively maintain social distance.

Coach's Responsibilities

1) Coaches should wear masks/face coverings when inside the player area or when instructing players in a group session.  Coaches may remove mask when players are on the field and the 6 foot social distancing practice can be followed.

2) Coaches should make sure that players are within the player area of the facility at all times.

3) Coaches should make sure that players are spaced out when on the sidelines and follow the 6 foot social distancing rules when they first come to practice, and during any water break or rest period.

4) Coaches and players should make sure that no player shares a water bottle or pinnies and should try to minimize players handling other players soccer balls.  Coaches should have a ball to use during team scrimmages if you have them.

5) If cones, pinnies or other items are used during practice, the coach is the only person who should handle them.  Coaches should make sure they cones are sanitized between each teams use.

6) Special notes for coaches practicing with two groups of players.

A) Coaches should schedule the two groups so that there is a 10 to 15 minute window between the groups showing up so there is no intermingling of players.

B) Any cones or pinnies used for the first group should be wiped or sprayed down before the second group can use them.  Having two separate sets of equipment is highly recommended.

All state mandated medical orders will take precedence over any CSA rules.

For current State Requirements click here.

Parent's News

Lots of forms to fill out to play Soccer this year.

All players will need to watch and sign the Lindsay's Law form.  This must be done before your child begins playing soccer this Fall.  

Depending on whether your child plays Rec, Academy or Travel soccer, there is also an infectious disease waiver that needs signed (See Covid Section for details).


Cloverleaf Soccer

CoVid 19 Waiver

In the era of Covid 19, you will need to sign an infections disease waiver for Cloverleaf Soccer and then one for either OYSAN if you play Rec or Academy and OHSTL if you play travel.  The link to the waivers can be found below.

Travel Soccer - OHTSL Waiver - OHTSL Travel Soccer Infectious Disease Waiver

Rec Soccer - OYSAN Waiver - OYSAN (Rec) Infectious Disease Waiver

Lindsay's Law

Lindsay’s Law: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth Athletes

A Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) occurs when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating, cutting off blood flow to the brain and other vital organs. Sudden cardiac arrest is fatal if not treated immediately, most often by a defibrillator.

In accordance with Lindsay’s Law, effective Fall of 2017, players parents and coaches must review the resources developed by the Ohio Department of Health regarding Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Responsibility of the Parent/Guardian and the Player

REQUIRED FORMS (Must be signed & returned to your team manager)

Note:  Ohio law requires that a Lindsay's law form be signed and turned in annually.

Concussion Awareness

Concussion Information Sheet - Click for information about Ohio's Concussion Law.

Concussion Return to Play - Click for instructions on how to fill out paperwork for your child to return to play from a concussion.

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