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All parents of players who didn't play in the Fall will need to watch the Lindsay's Law video and sign the Lindsay's Law form.  This must be done before your child begins playing soccer this Spring.  

If you're wondering what you need for your child's first soccer season, click here to find out.


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Lindsay's Law

Lindsay’s Law: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth Athletes

A Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) occurs when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating, cutting off blood flow to the brain and other vital organs. Sudden cardiac arrest is fatal if not treated immediately, most often by a defibrillator.

In accordance with Lindsay’s Law, effective Fall of 2017, players parents and coaches must review the resources developed by the Ohio Department of Health regarding Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Responsibility of the Parent/Guardian and the Player

REQUIRED FORMS (Must be signed & returned to your team manager)

Note:  Ohio law requires that a Lindsay's law form be signed and turned in annually.

Concussion Awareness

Concussion Information Sheet - Click for information about Ohio's Concussion Law.

Concussion Return to Play - Click for instructions on how to fill out paperwork for your child to return to play from a concussion.

Covid 19 and General Illness Soccer Requirements

Covid 19 and General Illness Protocols

As cases increase, its as important as ever to follow the following guidelines for Covid 19.

1) Please conduct a quick symptom check before brining your child to the fields.  If they have a fever, cough, or don’t feel well, please do not bring them to practice or games.  The same holds for coaches and parents.  Error on the side of caution.

2) If your child needs to quarantine for any reason, family exposure, school exposure, etc., CSA will be following the Medina County Board of Heath guidelines, which are also what the Cloverleaf Local Schools follow.

a. You can return to soccer after 10 days after your last day of exposure without a covid test and as long as your child does not develop any symptoms.  If exposure was through school, then you can return to soccer when you can return to school.  If via another route, then you can return to soccer on the 11th day after the last exposure occurred.

b. Option two is to return with a negative Covid test, taken after the 5th day of exposure (on day six or later) after seven days of quarantining (ie on the 8th day after exposure).

c. If your child is quarantining, please let your child’s coach know.  It’s up to you to tell them the reason or not.  We at CSA do try and monitor this so that we can make sure we have enough players to play games.

3) If your child needs to isolate (ie has tested positive for Covid 19), then please do the following.

a. Contact Mark Van Meter at [email protected] or call him at 330-635-8693 and let him know the day they became symptomatic or the day of their positive covid test as well as the day they were last at the CSA fields or played in a CSA game.  CSA has a responsibility to do contact tracing to see if the child’s team needs to quarantine or not.

b. If asymptomatic, your child can return to play after a 10 day period from the positive test (IE on the 11th day after the positive test).

c. If symptomatic, then your child can return to play after the 10 days of isolation as long as symptoms are improving and they have been fever free for the previous 24 hours.

At this point in time, we are not going to mandate that parents or players wear masks at the field or limit the number of people who can be at the field as we did in the Spring of last year.  However, should the Medina County Board of Health require such actions, CSA will implement them.

All state mandated medical orders will take precedence over any CSA rules.

For current State Requirements click here.

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